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FindMyInsurance Privacy Policy

We at FindMyInsurance.com are committed to protecting your privacy. First and foremost, we do not sell your personal information gathered in the quoting or application process to a third party. Throughout our service of providing you with quotes on insurance carriers and rates, we ask for the minimum amount of personal information to achieve the highest possible results. Background on our information gathering policies has been provided below.

Requesting a Rate Comparison Analysis
Our online form gathers all of the pertinent information that allows us to prepare your rate comparison. Essential to the quoting process are birth date, state of residence, gender, tobacco use, and health classification, which you determine. We do not ask for any personal identifier, such as your email address, social security number or driver's license number, as they are not needed to complete the quoting process.

Insurance Policy Application Process
If you decide to apply for a particular policy you identified in your rate comparison, your next step will be to complete an application for the insurance company issuing your chosen life insurance policy. The application form is sent to you by us at FindMyInsurance.com with the minimal information provided on the application that we have gathered on our quote form. All sensitive personal information would then be provided by you on the insurance application form, which is submitted by FindMyInsurance.com directly to the insurance company. Each insurance company that we work with at FindMyInsurance.com has their own privacy policy, separate from the FindMyInsurance.com privacy policy.

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